PW234: S5E01 Fan Call-In Show

Spoiler Alert! This episode discusses events in S5E01 “The Wars to Come” of HBO’s Game of Thrones. If you’re not caught up, we’ll be waiting for you right here when you are.

Otherwise this is the Fan Call-In show which features fans of Game Of Thrones, calling in from all over Westeros and Essos, to share their viewpoints of the previously mentioned episode. Also your 3 words descriptions, Brothelmates of the Week, feedback, and Matt’s musical analysis section Clef Notes!

Be part of the Fan Call in yourself on Monday evenings at 9pm EDT while the season airs by dialing 724-444-7444 then 118884# then 1#. All calls taken!

Find out more information, back episodes, polls, social media and contact links and podcatcher links (please subscribe and leave the podcast a written review on iTunes or Stitcher) at


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Podcast LittleFell S5E01

It’s the debut of “Podcast LittleFell” with Heath Solo (@HeathActor) and Axel Foley (@WAxelFoley). Join them for a quick pointed discussion that explores what matters to them about the latest episode of Game of Thrones (that means spoiler alert if you’re not caught up with the series)!

Subscribe to The Film List on iTunes to get the episodes right away on Monday evenings, or find them here on the Podcast Winterfell feed on Tuesday evenings!

If you have a list of Game of Thrones things (or favorite movies or TV shows or…anything!) send it to


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PW233: Initial Reaction S5E01

Spoiler alert. If you are not current with Game of Thrones on HBO then catch up and come back after you have, unless you don’t mind being spoiled by discussion about events in S5E01 “The Wars To Come”. Matt is joined by NBRs Axel Foley (@WAxelFoley) from The Film List’s Podcast Littlefell, and DJ Timm Hines (@DJTimmHines) from, as well as by BR Mike Hull (@fifthcolumnfilm) from The Captain Punishment Adventure Hour to talk about the aforementioned episode. SPECIAL SPOILER ALERT!

At the end of the show (tagged on after the end music) Mike and Matt carry on a book-related discussion as it pertains to the episode.

Find all links at and be sure to participate in the Fan Call In Shows on Monday nights (more info at the website in the 2015 Schedule tab)!


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Feedback Poll: Rate S5E01

And feel free to write any feedback in the comments or send an email to or call the listener line 314-669-1840, or tweet Matt @Winterfellpod

Can you describe the episode in 3 words? Send that too!

Do you have a favorite coupling for the episode? (Doesn’t have to be a favorite COUPLE, just a favorite coupling!) Submit your Brothelmates of the week too!

And don’t forget to participate in the Fan Call-In show! ANYONE can call in and give their thoughts on this episode by calling in on Mondays at 9pm EDT. Dial 724-444-7444 then when asked for a Call ID dial 118884# and then when asked for a PIN dial 1# and you are in! All calls are taken when time allows and all are taken in the order you call in! Participate!

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PW232: Season 5 Predictions/Expectations

The Fan Call-In Show is BACK BABY! Matt is joined by Axel (@WAxelFoley on twitter) of The Film List Podcast and Bubba (@FittenTrim on twitter) of The Joffrey Of Podcasts to talk up their expectations and predictions for Season 5 of HBO’s Game of Thrones, and Matt offers his own ‘musical’ predictions in a special Clef Notes section.

Every week we encourage YOU to call into the podcast and talk to Matt about each episode of Game of Thrones. Call 724-444-7444 then 118884# then 1# at 9pm on Mondays and participate in the Fan Call-In shows!

To submit feedback send an e-mail to, leave a voice mail at 314-669-1840 or tweet @Winterfellpod and visit for all these links and those all important podcatcher links (please subscribe and/or leave a written review for the podcast).


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S5 Expectations and Predictions Cast Is Coming

A cast is coming to give you a chance to say what you expect or predict for Season 5 of Game of thrones.

The first way you can participate is by answering this poll:

MORE importantly though Matt wants to hear from you in your words as to what you expect or predict from Season 5 on HBO.

You can send your thoughts regarding this in a number of ways! You can e-mail the podcast at or you can leave a voice mail at 314-669-1840! Please get your comments in by April 6th, 2015 to be included in the podcast!

OR you can come on the Fan Call-In show on Monday April 6th, 2015 and talk live with Matt! At 9pm EDT on 4/6 simply dial 724-444-7444 and then when asked for a call id dial 118884#

If you are asked for a PIN (Personal Identification Number) simply dial 1# and you will be added to the call que! Matt will take all callers who call in and hear your expectations and predictions regarding Season 5 of Game of Thrones, so long as you follow these two simple rules:

1) Vulgarity isn’t very attractive to a ‘clean’ podcast rating – so don’t use it.

2) Spoilers are VERY unattractive to those who haven’t read the books or don’t wish to be spoiled about the show – so don’t mention them.

If you simply want to sit in the chatroom during the recording you can find that chatroom here:

We hope you’ll join in! – Matt

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PW231: Here’s What’s Coming For Season 5

In this episode Matt lays out what you will get in our coverage of Season 5 of Game of Thrones and how you can participate! He also annoyingly and repeatedly tells you to call into the Fan Call-In shows on Monday nights at 9pm EDT by dialing 724-444-7444 then 118884# then 1# to let the world know how you feel about each episode, so make him happy!

The first Fan Call-In show is a preseason primer where you call in on April 6th at 9pm EDT to give your predictions or expectations for Season 5 of the great HBO show.

Find all back episodes of the podcast, social media links, contact links, and podcatcher links (please hit that subscribe button and leave a written review on iTunes or Stitcher) at


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