Podcast Winterfell 176: NBR News and BR Discussion

Spoiler alert. This podcast is divided up for Non-Book-Readers (NBRS) and Book-Readers (BRs), but does talk about Season 5 castings for HBO’s Game Of Thrones in both sections. If you are extremely Season 5 spoiler sensitive, then this podcast may not be for you.

Otherwise Matt is joined by No Concept’s John Marius (@JohnMarius), The Joffrey of Podcast’s Bubba (@Fittentrim) and (welcome back!!!!) Cripples Bastards and Broken Things Podcast’s Ken (@CBBPodcast) to discuss the castings in a NRR and BR fashion as well as to begin a two-part series overviewing Matt’s recently completed Feast/Dance tandem read.

Find all back episodes, social media and contact links, and podcatcher links (please leave Matt a written review on iTUnes and/or Stichter) at podcastwinterfell.com


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Polling Amendment For Winterfell Awards

As was pointed out to me by Bubba from the Joffrey of Podcasts – I completely forgot to include one very import poll – here it is.

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Podcast Winterfell 175: News Feedback and Awards

As part of a final S4 recap (yes S4 spoilers if you haven’t watched yet) Matt gives you news and feedback dividing the podcast into a TV friendly NBR (non book reader) sections and a separate BR section. Also thanks to your voting at podcastwinterfell.com Matt reveals the results of the S4 “Winterfell Awards”.

Find all back episodes of the podcast, contact information, and podcatcher links (please leave Matt a review on iTunes and/or Stitcher) at podcastwinterfell.com


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Your S4 final thoughts…

Matt will be putting together a special News/feedback/Awards special for S4 and encourages you to participate in any way you wish.

For instance you can vote in the Winterfell Awards here and Matt will announce the winners in the podcast.

Or you can submit TV only (NBRs) or Book friendly (BRs) feedback via e-mail (podcastwinterfell@gmail.com) or by calling 314-669-1840 about anything Season 4 related.

Matt is dividing the podcast up into a TV only (NBR) section and book section (BR) so that everyone can get in their thoughts without worry.

If you would like to have your thoughts shared on the podcast please submit them before July 13th, 2014 at midnight (midnight wherever you are in the world) and it will be included.

The podcast will be released on July 17th for your listening pleasure. Thanks in advance for participating!

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PW Special: The Film List “Game Of Thrones Podcast: Winterfell Edition”

Matt recently appeared on Heath Snow (Solo)’s The Film List, and Heath gave Matt permission to link bad to his feed for this special podcast. The notes from the podcast are as follows:

“Heath Solo is back! with Matt Murdick from podcast Winterfell to discuss Game of Thrones and The world of Podcasting in Westeros.”

If you have a list, send it to Heath theflimlist@gmail.com

There is a one minute section where Matt’s voice echoes badly, please excuse that and bare with it, as it only happens once near the begining of the podcast.


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The Season 4 Winterfell Awards

Time to cast your vote for your favorites of Season 4 of HBO’s Game of Thrones! Choose wisely! And if you would like to tell Matt as to why you voted the way you did you can always call 314-669-1840, send an email to podcastwinterfell@gmail.com or tweet Matt @winterfellpod


Podcast Winterfell 174: S4E10 The Djawadi Finale

Spoiler Alert. This podcast covers HBO’s Game of Thrones S4E10 “The Children”. If you do not want to be spoiled about the events in the episode, please hold off listening until you’ve watched it.

Otherwise, Matt apologizes for a lack of Fan Call In show this week, due to an internet connection failure. To make it up to you he gives you not a regular review episode, but a Mega-Clef Notes podcast covering all of the musical cues for the episode, plus reads your three words, brothelmates, and feedback.

Find all podcast episodes, social media and contact links and podcatcher links (please leave the podcast a written review on ItuNes or Stitcher) at podcastwinterfell.com




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