PW 346 A Murder of Miykes Medieval History Special

Our own Mike Hull talks to Myke Cole and Mike Livingston, two huge ASOIAF fans who are also excellent fictions writers. They talk about what it’s like to study battles from ancient and medieval history, and how writers put themselves in the mindset of people who lived through dramatic historical events.
Myke Cole is former military and played an elite law enforcement officer on the CBS show Hunted. He describes his work as “if Harry Potter joined the Navy Seals”, and it does not disappoint.
Mike Livingston is a professor at The Citadel and award-winning historical fiction author. He speaks frequently on medieval history and culture, on the impact of fantasy literature, and on how the Middle Ages continue to impact the modern world.

PW 344 Initial Reaction S7E7 The Dragon and The Wolf

Axel & Heath are freewheelin’ through a great discussion of a great episode. They talk about what Ice Dragon’s breathe (is it fire so hot it is blue or an icy blast?), the conclusion of the Winterfell Stark parlour games, Jon & Dany doing it, Cersei is the smartest person in Westeros, and much more.

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PW 343 Feedback S7E6 Beyond The Wall

Axel & DJ take feedback from Gina, Viktor, Megan, Ross and Justin about who is going to die, whether Ice Dragons breath ice or fire, whatever happened to Craster’s little baby boy White Walkers, The Night King’s plans, is Arya teaching Sansa to be a Faceless person, why did Jon agree to bend the knee and a bunch of other stuff.

Then they watch the trailer for the Season 7 Finale live and make some witty banter. It’s a late night thing. Enjoy.