PW360 News and Notes Check In

Axel checks in with some Game of Thrones news bits and asks you to come up with a fun contest to win some great items. Also, a computer tries to figure out who will die in Season 8, filming of a very long battle sequence, Matt’s new podcast and more. Enjoy This podcast is […]

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The Last Jedi Special

Axel and DJ take over the feed to celebrate May The 4th and have a wide ranging chat about The Last Jedi and Star Wars in general. This podcast is sponsored by Get 30% off all Star Wars items from May 3rd-5th using code SW30 at MP3

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PW357 – The Jon Problem Part 2

In this 2nd part of a two part episode Matt and Mike explore the ramifications Jon has had on the Westerosi world and the story, looking at the impact he’s had on other characters we love. Find all back episodes at and find the DVR podcast network at – also consider helping the DVR podcast network continue […]

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