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  1. Greetings from sunny Melbourne. I found your podcast only a few months ago, and enjoyed them so much that I had to go back to the start and make sure I listen to all episodes. I am busily trying to catch up but really enjoying it! Thank you! Lorraine

  2. More Bubba! Bubba seems to be the only one committed to objectivity, which is extremely disappointing. He is the only one to acknowledge the truth about evil Uncle Tyrion, and he relishes with me in Ned Stark’s just death. These blunts truths have made me a new listener. My only regret is that Bubba is not in every episode, which is why I gave this a four out of five joffreys. Just so you know I did listen to his own podcasts, which are amazing and obviously much better.

    1. Thanks for giving us a go despite our sometimes lack of good Joffrey content. Your faith to go ahead and give four stars despite this demonstrates that you have learned one of the greatest lessons his grace King Joffrey has given us. Compassion for those who are not as capable as themselves. All hail King Joffrey (and Bubba). – Matt

  3. Hi Matt, so glad to hear your voice again. When you stopped doing G O T I was worried that it would be ages before you put something up again, luckily I was wrong as you are the best in the business of hosting a podcast with other people. Look forward to whatever you have coming up next. Best of luck.
    Peter from Australia

    1. I have to agree with Peter, Matt is the BEST at hosting a podcast with other people, very respectful! I hate to admit I am a new listener but very happy I finally found him and am not missing out now…going through archives 🙂 Thanks Matt!

  4. Hi Matt,

    I just wanted to forward George R.R. Martin own words about Shae to clarify any misconceptions:

    At Worldcon 2012:
    “Some of the other characters, Sibel Kekelli’s version of Shae, TV Shae, is very different from book Shae. I’ve come to, initially I didn’t like it very much, but then I came to particularly in the episodes late in the second season, really like TV Shae, but there’s no question of that having any influence on future portrayals (I won’t say more than that), so that’s just a question of which version you like better. But certainly, they’re two different characters.”

    Posted June 16 2014 – Entertainment Weekly interview with Martin
    It’s also worth mentioning Shae is one of the characters that really has changed significantly from the books to the TV show. I think that [showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss] wrote Shae very differently, and a symbol to Sibel Kekilli – the incredible girl playing her. Shae is much more sincere in her affections for Tyrion. This is almost contradictory, but with the Shae in the TV series, you can tell she actually has real feelings for Tyrion – she challenges him, she defies him. The Shae in the books is a manipulative camp-follower prostitute who doesn’t give a s–t about Tyrion any more than she would any other john, but she’s very compliant, like a little teenage sex kitten, feeding all his fantasies; she’s really just in it for the money and the status. She’s everything lord Tywin thought Tyrion’s first wife was that she actually wasn’t. So there are all layers of complexity going on here. They’re the same character, but they’re also very different characters, and I think that’s going to lead to very different resonances playing out in the TV show than in the books.

    1. That was my thinking as well, which is why I kind of poo pooed the notion of applying TV Shae to book plots or the other way around. I always thought of TV Shae as much more sincere with Tyrion, than book Shae. I think the e-mail was trying to imply that book Shae was tricked by Varys, which wouldn’t matter in the book case, because book Shae didn’t care about Tyrion. Whereas TV show Shae did and only left him and got revenge on him out of hurt because he sent her away very cruelly. – Matt

  5. Just started listening and enjoying very much.

    I’ve had this theory for a long time and never seen it discussed very much. To me when I was reading the reek chapter where everyone assumed theon was castrated, I got the impression that he was actually only circumsized. Flaying is removing strips of skin and circumsision would not be commom, thus leading theon to be embarrassed about being mutilated. However he can still actually have children, which has major implications given all of the action going on in the iron islands. Just wondering your thoughts…

    1. Thanks for the thoughts. I’ll share with the panel in the next cast. As for my personal opinion, if you are correct, then yes it would have major implications in the Iron Islands – possibly especially as something Damphair could use. I myself, however, am of the camp that he was castrated, even though I admit the interpretation isn’t clear. – Matt

      1. Forgive me for not doing a whole lot of research but the only place I’ve seen it discussed briefly was on one of the forums
        The point brought up by Pale_Valkyrie near the bottom of the page and the next mirror some of my own ideas (hoping the link will work). Also considering some of the ideas by cantuse on 3 of his essays on tycho nestoris it would make a bit of sense (I will link those in another comment since it keeps deleting my response gotta love technology)

  6. Hi there!

    Just wanted to congratulate you on these amazing podcasts. Just finished the theory of the dawn full series and loved it.

    I was just now listenning to the Bran Bran Everywhere podcast and I have to ask: when you state that maybe the wolf warging and green dreams are only presented in the male line, because Arya and Sansa dont have it, are you only considering the TV Show? Because the books are not shy about implying Arya’s warging Nymiria even a continent away.

    Once again, congratulations on such a great work.

    Ana Caldeira, Portugal

    1. Hi Ana! Thanks for listening and for your comments! And as to the Bran (and Arya and any other character specials in the future) yes. As is indicated by the title of each cast the perspectives are TV-Only friendly, so I don’t present information or storylines in the books that have not been shown in the TV show. Sorry if that was a point of confusion. I love the fact that Arya (and Jon for that matter) exhibit warging abilities, but such information has never been eluded to in the TV show, so that was a “TV-Only” possibility – not a ASOIAF one. Thanks again! – Matt

  7. Haven’t heard you talk about this but i may have missed it. How do you feel about the idea that Blood Raven can see through not only werewood trees, but werewood in general? His Ravens Teeth all have werewood bows, many castles and items use werewood in their construction, wouldn’t it explain how he’s such an effective spy? Even if he can’t warg into the rafters of a castle ceiling or the ornamentation on a high seat, could he listen through them? Is this how he knew about the attempted rebellion plotted in the werewood laden castle of White Walls? Love the podcast and I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

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