About The Cast

W. Axel Foley, Heath Centazzo and DJ Timm Hines are a group of 11 year Podcast veterans who started covering LOST in 2008. We bring a diverse, educated and experienced voice to Podcasting. Most of us have been on Film and TV sets and we try to bring that practical experience to our fan discussions. Overall though, we like to have a good time, laugh and talk about the TV shows we love!

After each new episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones airs, you’ll get a week of 4 different shows!

Sunday Initial Reaction W. Axel Foley and a special guest each week!

Monday Roundtable on Youtube hosted by DJ Timm Hines….

Wednesday Deep Dive with W. Axel Foley and Heath Centazzo

Weekend Feedback with W. Axel Foley


W. Axel Foley and Heath Centazzo


DJ Timm Hines