PW270: ASOIAF Game Of Thrones Read 11

Spoiler alert! This podcast will include all relevant knowledge from HBO’s Game of Thrones through S5 during this “Reread” of the ASOIAF book Game of Thrones.

Matt is joined by Kelly (@KellyUnderfoot), Stephanie (@SMPersephone) and the Double P Podcast Network show The Joffrey of Podcast’s Bubba (@FittenTrim – that’s @FittenTrim) to discuss four chapters from the George RR Martin book Game of Thrones, Catelyn VII, Jon V, Tyrion VI , and Eddard XI.

We want you to know that the podcast goes on a 3 week hiatus at this point due to Matt’s touring schedule, and will resume March 7th, 2016. And finally we have all of the best well wishes for Kelly, who will not be able to participate on the panel while she goes back to school to get even smarter than she already is! Best wishes Kelly and congratulations!

We want to hear from you! Send your thoughts on each week’s chapters by Wednesday noon where ever you are in the world to have them included in the podcast. You can call 314-669-1840, tweet @WinterfellPod, or send an e-mail to

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