Podcast Winterfell 033: Spoiler Free Review of A Clash Of Kings 03

Matt is joined by Ken (@klbardster), and John (@JohnMarius) to discuss George RR Martin’s A Clash of Kings (edited to be spoiler free for TV show viewers who haven’t read the book). This they cover 7 chapters – Tyrion III, Bran II, Tyrion IV, Sansa II, Arya IV, Tyrion V, and Bran III, PLUS the results of your votes for the Winterfell Awards.
00:03:32 News
00:05:09 Screenshot Overview
00:06:02 Tyrion III
00:18:24 Bran II
00:23:51 Tyrion IV
00:32:21 Sansa II
00:39:45 Arya IV
00:47:54 Tyrion V
00:56:16 Bran III
01:02:26 Chapters Final Thoughts
01:05:53 Winterfell Awards and Feedback
01:15:07 Closing