Podcast Winterfell S1 Rewatch Recording Schedule

Below is a listing of the recording schedule for the re-watch of Season 1 for those who would like to participate as guests. Recordings will occur at our Talkshoe Fan Call In Page:


Or simply dial (724) 444-7444 at the specified time and then 118884# as the call ID then 1# to be added as a guest.

Episode 1 “Winter Is Coming”

Wed Sept 26th 9:30p Eastern

Episode 2 “The Kings Road”

Wed Oct 3rd 9:30p Eastern

Episode 3 “Lord Snow”

Tues Oct 9th 9:30p Eastern

Episode 4 “Cripples Bastards and Broken Things”

Wed Oct 17th 9:30p Eastern

Episode 5 “The Wolf and The Lion”

Tues Oct 23rd 9:30p Eastern

Episode 6 “A Golden Crown”

Tues Oct 30th  9:30p Eastern

Episode 7 “You Win or You Die”

Wed Nov 7th 9:30p Eastern

Episode 8 “The Pointy End”

Tues Nov 13th 9:30p Eastern

Episode 9 “Baelor”

Wed Nov 21st 9:30p Eastern

Episode 10 “Fire and Blood”

Tues Nov 27th 9:30p Eastern

If you wish to participate please contact me at podcastwinterfell@gmail.com in advance, and come to each session “armed” with a “3 words” description of the episode, and your choice for Brothelmates of The Week (best coupling of the week).