Podcast Winterfell 084: S3 Half TV Theories and Half Book Expectations

SPOILER ALERT! While the first half of this podcast includes spoiler free theories about S3, the second half of this podcast is only for people who have read George RR Martin’s A Storm of Swords. With that in mind, Matt is joined in a “Megasode” podcast by Roberto (@Robert_o) from A Pod of Casts podcast, Bob (@BobGarlick) from Crazy TV Talk podcast, Ken (@klbardster) from Cripples Bastards and Broken Things podcast, Aziz (@WesterosHistory) from the History of Westeros podcast, DJ Timm Hines (@DJTimmHines) from bn4ia.com, Jon (@methodicJon) from Station 7 The Door podcast, and Bubba (@fittentrim) to discuss crazy tv theories for Season 3, and book reader expectations.

– 00:00:00 TV Theories
– 01:20:40 Book Expectations

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