Podcast Winterfell 093: 2nd Look Friday for S3E03

Spoiler alert. This podcast will discuss the most recent episode of Game of Thrones. If you haven’t seen that episode, avoid this podcast until you do. There will also be a spoiler book section after the traditional end music of the podcast. This week Matt is once again joined by Donald (Lannister! @DonaldJr) and briefly by Heath (Snow! @HeathActor) to discuss the 3rd episode of season 3, “Walk of Punishment”. Plus News, Clef Notes, your 3 Words, Brothelmates of the Week, and feedback.

-00:03:28 News
-00:09:49 Clef Notes
-00:17:57 Screen Shot (Episode Discussion)
-01:46:42 Three Words
-01:54:43 Brothelmates of the Week
-02:02:21 Feedback
-02:11:00 Closing
-02:13:36 Books Discussion (spoilers!)