Podcast Winterfell 114: A Storm of Swords 4 – Spoilers!

Spoiler alert! This episode of Podcast Winterfell is covering the 3rd book of the ASoIaF series, “A Storm of Swords”, and discussions most likely will spoil aspects of the HBO TV series. If you are not reading A Storm of Swords with us, then avoid this podcast.

Otherwise Matt is joined Tracee (@Tracee2ez) John (@JohnMarius) and Bubba (@FittenTrim) to discuss the chapters Tyrion II, Arya II, Catelyn II, and Jon II.

– 00:04:25 News
– 00:12:00 Initial Overview
– 00:14:00 Tyrion II
– 00:25:40 Arya II
– 00:34:00 Catelyn II
– 01:02:30 Jon II
– 01:34:05 Closing Book Thoughts
– 01:38:30 Feedback

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