No Clef Notes for S4E05 “First of His Name”

There wasn’t much of note in the music of the episode this week to talk about, so instead of recording a Clef Notes section I will just blog my thoughts.

Nothing new that I can ‘graduate’ to a theme, at least yet happened this week music wise but there is one thing that is kind of on my ‘watch list’.

  • In the opening scene during Tommen’s coronation there is some music played, however at this point I feel it was more a piece of incidental music (music composed exclusively for that scene) than a presentation of a ‘Tommen Theme’. It will take future episodes to see if it is used again for Tommen scenes before I will make further note of it.
  • Much in the same fashion, I feel that much of what we heard under the battle at Craster’s Keep, and the subsequent credit sequence, were either specifically composed for the scene or variations of S1’s “The Wall” (the Night’s Watch theme) which I’ve broken down many times ad nauseum. There was a part of the Craster’s Keep sequence that was a nice call back to the Stark theme when Bran was shouting for Jon after Hodor had left, but again, I’ve broken that one down already.
  • I feel anything at the Eerie was incidental, but if we hear some of it again, we might be hearing something for Lysa. Time will tell, but I’m doubtful.