Your S4 final thoughts…

Matt will be putting together a special News/feedback/Awards special for S4 and encourages you to participate in any way you wish.

For instance you can vote in the Winterfell Awards here and Matt will announce the winners in the podcast.

Or you can submit TV only (NBRs) or Book friendly (BRs) feedback via e-mail ( or by calling 314-669-1840 about anything Season 4 related.

Matt is dividing the podcast up into a TV only (NBR) section and book section (BR) so that everyone can get in their thoughts without worry.

If you would like to have your thoughts shared on the podcast please submit them before July 13th, 2014 at midnight (midnight wherever you are in the world) and it will be included.

The podcast will be released on July 17th for your listening pleasure. Thanks in advance for participating!