PWSpecial: NBR Special – Matt on CBBPodcast 73

Last week Matt appeared on Ken’s (@CBBPodcast on Twitter) great podcast Cripples Bastards and Broken Things Episode 73. And if you’re not listening to Cripples Bastards and Broken Things… WHY THE HECK NOT! GET ON THAT!!!! (

Here are Ken’s notes for his episode:

The Season #4 Re-Watch of Game of Thrones continues with a lively discussion about the 7th episode….”Mockingbird.”

Not so poor Lysa Arryn needed a little help in todays episode….but she wasn’t the only one!

The GREAT Matt Murdick from “Podcast Winterfell” joins me to discuss this rather dense episode that really surprised me in how good it really was. A whole lot happened in this installment.

Not the LEAST of which was: Arguably Tyrion, Oberyn and The Hound’s finest moments so far!

Here is what’s on the docket today:

1. Melisandre Takes A Bath – A fascinating chat about “truth” and “belief” takes place between Mel and Selise. Melisandre cracks a joke! Do lies matter, if they lead you to the “truth?” Why is Shireen important?

2. Gravy and Intel – Brienne and Podrick happen upon a familiar face at an inn. By the end of the sequence it seems like a partnership is actually growing here.

3. Dany Exerts Her Power – First she exerts it in a “base” way with Daario, later she bonds with Jorah by taking his advice. How thoughtful is she being here? Is hubris creeping into Dany’s personality?

4. Arya and the Hound Make Another Stop – The Hound’s mercy? Arya’s philosophy is taking shape. They are bluntly honest with the farmer about who they both are and what they’re doing. And then there was….Rorge and the Biter. Another kill for Arya.

5. Fire Bad! – The Hound is feeling vulnerable…and does not like it one bit! He lashes out at Arya, but then transitions into telling her a story…a really horrible one. What does this say about him? What does it say that he told it to her?

6. The Ice Queen – Sansa smiles! But later turns icy with Little Robin. A “View to a Kiss.” Baelish is creepy and vulnerable all at the same time….kinda a parallel to Arya and the Hound. Hey, Jealousy! The Crazy Ice Queen freaks out on Sansa…and then takes a tumble. Baelish: A twisted romantic?

7. The 3 Visitors – Tyrion waits in his cell, but receives 3 visits. Jaime (Brother), Bronn (Friend) and Oberyn (Stranger). What does each visit tell us about Tyrion? How kick ass in Oberyn in that final scene?

8. Favorite Line / Scene / MVP of episode

9. Snap’s and Hated It’s

This episode was even better than I remembered…so many GREAT character moments.