PW229: TV News and Feast/Dance Tandem Read 26

Spoiler alert! While the news section of this podcast is spoiler free for TV only and book reader listeners alike, the discussion of the books that follows is TV spoilerific! Also this week, even in the book section, the discussion of EW articles has possible spoilers even for book readers, so if even “BRs” want some surprises for Season 5 you may wish to avoid the discussion between the 00:37:37 minute mark and 00:50:36. You’ve been warned!!!

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In this week’s book discussion Matt is joined by ASOIAF fan Susan (@blackeyedlily), Mike (@fifthcolumnfilm) from the Captain Punishment Adventure Hour, and Bubba (@FittenTrim) from the Joffrey of Podcasts to discuss from ADWD Victarian (00:52:13), The Ugly Little Girl (01:07:48), Cersei XII (01:30:34), Tyrion XII (01:53:07), and The Kingbreaker (02:06:23).