Podcast Winterfell 095: 2nd Look Friday for S3E04

Spoiler alert! This podcast covers S3E04 of Game Of Thrones, “And Now His Watch is Ended”. If you haven’t seen that episode, avoid this podcast until you do. There is also a book comparison discussion at the end of the podcast (after the end music). This week for 2nd look Friday, Matt is joined by Donald (@DonaldJr on twitter) to discuss this week’s Game of Thrones episode.

– 00:02:40 News
– 00:07:35 Clef Notes
– 00:17:35 The Screen Shot (ep discussion)
– 01:29:45 Three Words
– 01:36:55 Brothelmates of The week
– 01:42:43 Feedback
– 01:56:00 Closing Thoughts
– 01:58:54 Book Discussion


Matt appeared on the Complete Recap Cripples Bastards and Broken Things Podcast this week.
Link: http://cripplesbastardsandbrokenthings.com
Other Links: Direct TV Game of Thrones Episode Map: http://www.direct.tv/thekingsroadmap/


Podcast Winterfell 087: News Trailers and Tidbits

Spoiler Alert! This podcast does include news, trailers, and tidbits regarding season 3. If you are holding out these last few days, staying completely spoiler free, then avoid this podcast. If not, then Matt brings you news, interviews, and a look at 2 new trailers since the last podcast.

Also the youtube link to the Evening of Game Of Thrones panel is http://youtu.be/mkzodgRaze8



Podcast Winterfell 080: News Updates and Don Snow

Warning! This podcast covers news that includes Season 3 interviews and previews. If you are trying to stay completely spoiler free for season 3 you may want to avoid this podcast. Otherwise Matt is joined by Donald is Westeros (just call him Don Snow – @DonaldJr on twitter) to discuss news regarding the S2 blu-rays and S3 previews, and interviews.