Podcast Winterfell 024: S2 Podcaster Roundtable

Matt is joined by Roberto (@robert_o) and Robin from A Pod of Casts podcast and Heath (@HeathActor) and Axel (@WAxelFoley) from The Film List Podcast and Podtourage to give favorites, least favorites, and general thoughts about Season 2 of HBO’s Game Of Thrones.




2 thoughts on “Podcast Winterfell 024: S2 Podcaster Roundtable

  1. Just listened to many of your shows. Thanks for a great podcast. As I listened to this one my mind sort of wandered into thinking about Tywin in Kings Landing next season. One of the first things Tywin is going to learn after the battle dust has settled is that Arya Stark has gone missing, and has been missing since her father was executed. She is important as a hostage because Jamie is being held by the Starks. Tywin is a very sharp, observant person. I wonder if he is going to connect the many clues and figure out if his cup bearer who was disguised as a boy headed north to the wall with the Nights Watch recruits from Kings Landing was her. I think it likely he will. I wonder if he is going to send a raven to have her brought to Kings Landing, only to learn in reply raven that she went missing the night that his gate guards were mysteriously killed. I wonder if there will be a scene where he has to ponder over all that information – I would really enjoy that. Then, I wonder if Littlefinger will have to flee Kings Landing because of Tywin’s anger/mistrust around his visit and not identifying Arya…in fact, pretending that she was in King’s Landing. That’s not books, but it could go that way.

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