Podcast Winterfell 040: Spoliers! Review of A Clash of Kings 07

SPOILER ALERT! This podcast will spoil some aspects of the TV show that have not yet been revealed. If you are sticking to the TV show only, please do not listen to this podcast! (Fear not! A spoiler free version will be released in a few days!) Otherwise, Matt is joined by Ken (@klbardster) and Bubba (@fittentrim) to discuss the George RR Martin novel A Clash of Kings. This podcast covers 7 chapters, Jon V, Tyrion X, Catelyn VI, Bran VI, Arya IX, Daenerys IV, and Tyrion XI, plus your feedback.
00:04:02 News
00:11:34 Overview
00:13:18 Jon V
00:24:23 Tyrion X
00:39:27 Catelyn VI
00:58:53 Bran VI
01:09:34 Arya IX
01:21:30 Daenerys IV
02:09:45 Tyrion XI
02:18:38 Feedback
02:28:00 Closing