Podcast Winterfell 041: Spoiler Free Review of A Clash Of Kings 07

Matt is joined by Ken (@klbardster) and Bubba (@fittentrim) to discuss the George RR Martin novel A Clash of Kings (edited to be spoiler free for TV show viewers who have not read the book). This podcast covers 7 chapters. Jon V, Tyrion X, Catelyn VI, Bran VI, Arya IX, Daenerys IV, and Tyrion XI, plus your feedback. NOTE: There is no real discussion of the Danny chapter in this pocast as it deviates completely from the TV series, but the Spoiler version of the discussion has been added on to the podcast at the end, if you MUST know.



  1. #1 by Jan Martinec (@segovesus) on August 29, 2012 - 2:03 pm

    Tips for the next two dragon riders:
    1. Girls who lost theirs direwolves Arya and Sansa.
    2. Cripples Tyrion and Bran.
    3. John Snow (husband of Daenerys) and Mance Rayder

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