Podcast Winterfell 100: S3E07 Fan Call-In for “The Bear…”

Spoiler Alert. If you haven’t watched the latest Game of Thrones episode, S3E07 “The Bear and the Maiden Fair”, then avoid this podcast until you do. Otherwise Matt is joined in his 100th GoT podcazst by Bubba, Ken, Heath, Timm, John, Tracee, and Steve to discuss S3E07 in the FanCall In.



3 thoughts on “Podcast Winterfell 100: S3E07 Fan Call-In for “The Bear…”

  1. You guys always seem to trash the episodes so badly, I’m shocked you actually call yourselves “fans”. It’s just nitpick, nitpick, nitpick.

    1. obviously you aren’t listening to our podcasts as for most of the season we’ve given high praise to this fantastic series. But yes – we nitpick – that’s what fans do.

  2. While I welcome all comments on this blog, criticisms of our criticizing the show for what we feel may be confusing, or not well executed, doesn’t really further the conversation. If your going to take the time to write a comment, why not give some real input, like what you found good about the episode to counter our ‘nit picks’. Then a real conversation can be had. Otherwise it’s nothing more than trolling in my mind. – Matt

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