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3 thoughts on “Rate S3E08 “Second Sons”

  1. 1. Samwell Tarly – Night’s Watch
    2. Ghost – Jon Snow’s Direwolf
    3. Night’s Watch Commander Joer Mormont – DEAD
    4. Rast – Nights Watch former rapist
    5. Edd – Night’s Watch
    6. Grenn – Night’s Watch
    7. Jon Snow
    8. Lord of Bones – Wilding
    9. Ygritte – Wilding
    10. Tormund Giantsbane – Wilding
    11. Mance Rayder – Wilding King Beyond the Wall
    12. Bronn – Tyrion’s sellsword
    13. Podrick Payne – Tyrion’s squire
    14. Tyrion Lannister – the Imp
    15. Cersei Lannister – Joffrey’s mother
    16. Meryn Trant Kingsguard
    17. Davos Seaworth – former smuggler sworn to Stannis
    18. Salladhor Saan the pirate
    19. Robb Stark – King in the North
    20. Roose Bolton – Stark bannerman
    21. Catelyn Stark
    22. Karstark – Stark bannerman – DEAD
    23. Talissa – Robb’s wife
    24. Qyburn – maester without a chain
    25. Tywin Lannister – Cersei, Jaime, Tyrion’s father
    26. Sansa Stark
    27. Shae – Sansa’s handmaiden/ Tyrion’s whore
    28. Petyr Littlefinger Baelish
    29. Ros – whore – DEAD
    30. Danaerys Targaryen – the Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons
    31. Jorah Mormont – knight sworn to Danaerys
    32. Stannis Baratheon
    33. Melisandre – the Red Prietess
    34. Margaery Tyrell – Joffrey’s fiancé
    35. King Joffrey Baratheon
    36. Loras Tyrell – Margaery’s gay brother
    37. Kraznys – slave trader – DEAD
    38. Missandei – interpreter
    39. Barristan Selmy- old knight now sworn to Danaerys
    40. Bran Stark
    41. Jojen Reed – new friend of Bran
    42. Summer – Bran’s Direwolf
    43. Three-Eyed Raven
    44. Rickon Stark
    45. Shaggy Dog – Rickon’s Direwolf
    46. Osha the wilding
    47. Hodor
    48. Theon Greyjoy
    49. Jaime Lannister the Kingslayer
    50. Brienne of Tarth
    51. Lady Olenna Tyrell – Margaery & Loras’ grandmother
    52. Grey Wind – Robb’s Direwolf
    53. Orell the Wilding who can warg
    54. Meera Reed – new friend of Bran
    55. Gendry – King Robert Baratheon’s bastard
    56. Arya Stark
    57. Hot Pie – friend of Arya
    58. Thoros of Myr
    59. Anguy the Archer
    60. Theon’s original torturer – DEAD
    61. Boy who claimed Yara sent him to help, but actually tortures Theon
    62. Sandor Clegane The Hound
    63. Locke – Lord Bolton’s hunter
    64. Edmure Tully – Cat’s brother
    65. Blackfish Tully – Cat’s uncle
    66. Varys
    67. Grand Maester Pycelle
    68. Willham Lannister – 14 year old prisoner of Starks – DEAD
    69. Martyn Lannister – 15-year old prisoner of Starks – DEAD
    70. Master Greizhen – white haired slaver – DEAD
    71. Nights Watch who called Craster a bastard
    72. Person who cut Varys
    73. Beric Dondarrion – Leader of the Brotherhood Without Banners – Living Dead?
    74. Craster – DEAD
    75. Gilly
    76. Gilly’s Baby
    77. Selyse Baratheon – Stannis’ wife
    78. Shireen Bratheon – Stannis’ daughter
    79. Grey Worm – Leader of the Unsullied
    80. Olyvar – Littlefinger’s gay whore
    81. Lame Lothar Frey – 12th son of Walder Frey
    82. Black Walder Frey – great grandson of Walder Frey
    82. Three Dragons
    83. A Giant
    84. Razdal mo Eraz – leader from Yunkai
    85. Bolton soldier returning Jaime to King’s Landing
    86. Whores who help torture Theon
    87. Mero the Titan’s Bastard – capt of Second Sons – DEAD
    88. Prendahl – capt of the Second Sons – DEAD
    89. Daario Naharis – capt of Second Sons who joins team Dany

    Important Characters out there in the mix
    But Not Yet Seen This Season
    1. Yara Greyjoy – Theon’s sister
    2. Balon Greyjoy – Theon’s father
    3. Tommen – Joffrey’s younger brother
    4. Myrcella – Joffrey’s younger sister
    5. Lancel Lannister – cousin to Cersei, Jaime & Tyrion
    6. Kevan Lannister – Tywin’s younger brother/ Lancel’s father
    7. Gregor Clegane- The Mountain – Lannister bannerman
    8. Walder Frey – Robb’s would-be father in law
    9. Lyssa Arryn – Cat & Edmure’s sister
    10. Robin Arryn – Lyssa’s son
    11. Pyp – Nights Watch steward
    12. Maester Aemon Targaryen – Nights Watch
    13. Kavarro – Dothraki guard for Dany
    14. Greatjon Umber – Stark bannerman
    15. Illyrio – Varys partner from across Narrow Sea
    16. Wisdom Halleyne – the Pyromancer
    17. Ser Dontos the Red – drunk knight who’s now Joffrey’s fool
    18. Alliser Thorne – Jon Snow’s cruel Night’s Watch drill sergeant
    19. Janos Slynt – former commander of King’s Landing City Watch who Tyrion sent to the Wall

  2. My rating: 7 Roasted Leeches out of 10

    Some good scenes; I laughed at times, and the end with Sam was very effective. But 7 Hells is it S – L – O – W. This is episode 8 and it’s still slow?!?!

    Somewhere, someone is saying “a lot of good character beats” and I’ll respond “yeah, but character beats can also come in fast-paced scenes… you can have slow character moments and forward momentum in the same episode … Breaking Bad can win drama & acting Emmys while still having edge of your seat forward momentum.”

    I pulled some quotes from AV Club’s two reviews:
    The Non-Book Reader Review: “Game of Thrones plods toward the finale … Alright, dudes. It’s time to get things moving. I know I’m going to write this slightly frustrated, toe-tapping..”

    The Book Reader Review: “… the structure of the episode—which bases its climax on a character we haven’t seen since the very beginning of the episode two weeks ago—is just bizarre. .. A sense of stalling… not much actually happens … the story seems to be killing time… yet another episode of shuffling the deck… By dragging the third book into two seasons, Game Of Thrones has found room for things other than sheer forward momentum… ”

    I compared the number of “scenes” in “Second Sons”, to my favorite from this season: Episode 5 “Kissed By Fire” and GRRM’s Episode 8 “The Pointy End” from Season 1.

    “Second Sons” had 15 “scenes”, while “Kissed by Fire” had 23. “The Pointy End” had 18.

    My count:
    SECOND SONS scenes:
    1. Arya & the Hound 2.Dany spies on Second Sons at Yunkai 3. Second Sons meet with Dany
    4. Melissandre, Gendry land 5.They meet Stannis. 6. Davos, Stannis talk 7. Second Sons plot 8. Tyrion and Sansa pre-wedding 9. Wedding 10. Gendry gets leeched 11. Wedding Recpetion 12. Tyrion & Sansa in honeymoon suite 13. Dany’s bath, Daario switches sides 14. Tyrion & Sansa morning after 15. Sam & Gilly meet White Walker

    KISSED BY FIRE scenes:
    1. Hound & Beric fight 2. Jon gets quizzed by Orell & Tormund 3.Jon Ygritte have cave hot tub times 4. Hound complains he’s being ripped off by Brotherhood 5. Jaime & Brienne arrive at Harrenhal 6. Jaime screams as Qyburn works 7. Cersei tells Littlefinger to spy on Tyrells 8. Olenna meets with Tyrion 9. Gendry tells Arya that he’s staying with Brotherhood 10. Karstark kills Lannister boys 11. Robb sentences Karstark, Cat pleads not to kill him. 12. Robb beheads Karstark 13. Arya learns of Beric’s rebirths 14. Stannis visits wife & daughter 15. Jaime & Brienne bath. 16. Davos gets reading lesson from Shireen 17.Jorah & Barristan/Dany meets Grey Worm 18. Robb tells Talissa of plans to attack Casterly Rock 19. Sansa & Margaery watch Loras fight 20. Loras beds Squire 21. Squire talks with Littlefinger 22.Littlefinger talks with Sansa 23. Tywin tells Cersei & Tyrion wedding plans

    THE POINTY END scenes:
    1. Arya & Syrio practice/Lannisters attack/Sansa & Septa/Arya kills stable boy 2.Varys visits Ned 3. Castle Black brings in corpses/ Jon learns of Ned’s arrest 4. Cersei & co. force Sansa to write a letter to Robb 5.Robb reads letter/ calls the banners 6. Lyssa tells Cat that she won’t help 8.Tyrion & Bronn meet hill tribes 9. Wight attacks Cmdr Mormont, Jon saves him 10. Dany stops rape of Lamb women, Drogo rips out tongue 11. Greatjon loses finger when questioning Robb 12. Robb says goodbye to Bran, Rickon 13.Bran prays at Godswood, Osha fears, Hodor flashes 14. Jon and Sam watch wights burn 15. Cat joins up with Robb’s army 16. Tyrion and hill tribes join Tywin’s army 16. Robb lets Lannister spy go with false intel 17. Ned moans in dungeon 18. Joffrey fires Barristan / Sansa begs for Ned’s life

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