Podcast Winterfell 104: Questions Questions Questions

Spoiler Alert! If you are not current with HBO’s Game of Thrones, avoid this podcast until you are. Otherwise, Matt uses the week off from Game Of Thrones to ponder some questions he’s keeping track of for this season.



4 thoughts on “Podcast Winterfell 104: Questions Questions Questions

  1. About Arya. The guy torturing Theon said a couple of weeks ago, “If you think this story has a happy ending… You obviously haven’t been paying attention”

    On Theon, Yes I am TIRED with all the torture porn. Unfortunately We cannot speak about it without spoiling this storyline.

    Joffrey, They writers have been reminding and reinforcing why we (The viewers) want him off’ed. In season 1 we saw a good guy killed for no reason, maybe (Just Maybe!!!) we can get a bad guy who has truly earned it.

    Circei, Simply put, She needs to get laid. I don’t think Margerys would tattle on Circei. I think she reconginzed that Circei overplayed her hand and now knows that Circei can be provoked into overly agressive moves.

    LittleFinger, Is off to bed Crazy Liza Arryn. It should be a fun courtship to watch next season.

    Kingslayer returning, is the best thing to ever happen to Tyrion. Tywin is going to flip and Circei is going to have to bed Loras in order to getr laid again or her cousin.

    Bran… Maybe episode 10 will give us some momentum for next season. This season was a waste.

    Jon Snow, Again if you think this story has a happy ending You obviously haven’t been paying attention. My question is where is Mance? We met him once. Where is that fire? Hopefully we get more Giants.

    Sam, I don’t see him climbing the wall, so he has to make it to and through the gate. He has to get a raven to Stanis at Dragon Stone where all the Dragonglass is available I think Sam will be saved by a Stark be it Jon Snow or Bran.

    Dany, The city still has big walls and people that Dany can’t bribe behind them. Personally I want a Messandei love scene. I can imagine Dany walking in on Messandei sitting on Selmy’s face. Jorah is FOREVER in the friend zone. He gets to be her emotional tampon. Hey maybe Messandei and Jorah. He needs to get laid more than Cersei. I fully expect some Death and Destruction/ Hate and Discontent in episode 9. I doubt they’ll do much more than point towards whats next in episode 10

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