How would you rate S4E02 “The Lion and The Rose”?

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One thought on “How would you rate S4E02 “The Lion and The Rose”?

  1. Early thoughts on whodunnit….
    Even though she called in the cake, Margaery seemed pissed she wasn’t queen in next weeks trailer. (verdict: no)
    Dontos was eager to usher Sansa away so he seemed to know what was about to go down. Who does Dontos have ties with? (verdict: no but knows something)
    Tyrion….(verdict: no chance)
    Oberyn has a debt to pay (verdict: very plausible but doesn’t fit with Dontos’ “knowledge”)
    Tywin/Cersei/Jaime…. Had they had enough of the monster? (verdict: probably not unless there’s a devilish plan afoot)

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