Podcast Winterfell 168: S4E07 2nd Look

Spoiler Alert. This episode covers Game of Thrones S4E07 “Mockingbird”. If you’ve not seen the episode and don’t wish to be spoiled, then come back and listen after you seen the episode.

Also apologies for a lack of Fan Call In Show this week. Hopefully when Game of Thrones returns a week from Sunday we will have them again. So as a substitute, Matt braves it alone to present his thoughts on the aforementioned episode and your feedback.

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6 thoughts on “Podcast Winterfell 168: S4E07 2nd Look

  1. Melisandre was implying to Stannis’ wife that she too was one of those flashy items that bring men in to believing in The Lord of the Light.

  2. err you just implied that the Hound is going to die due to the wound, as a book reader. Why did you do that?

    1. Actually no – I implied that the Hound MIGHT die from the wound because we’ve seen the exact same thing happen to Khal Drogo on the TV show. The word FESTER was used by the witch in the TV show in regards to Drogo’s wound. Arya used the same word here. I said something any observant TV watcher of this series should say. And I believe I said we should worry for the Hound’s health. Thanks for listening.

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