Podcast Winterfell 170: S4E08 Fan Call In Show

Apologies in advance for the file size (127mb), and for the sound quality (96kps as opposed to our standard 128kps) due to the length of the podcast (3+ hours).

Spoiler Alert. This podcast covers events in HBO’s Game Of Thrones S4E08 “The Mountain and The Viper”. If you have not seen that episode, and don’t wish to be spoiled about it, please come back after you’ve watched.

Otherwise this Fan Call In MEGASODE includes calls from Timm (@DJTimmHines), Scott (@scottnewcombe07), Matt (@TSH_Matt & @GameOfReTweets) Gary (@gcswift2), Tim (@comixmill), and Steve (@FriggenItalian) to discuss the aforementioned episode. This podcast also includes a special mini-cast from our good friend Heath Snow (@HeathActor) on the episode in the feedback section.

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