Podcast Winterfell 169: S4E08 Initial Reaction

Spoiler Alert. This episode covers events in HBO’s Game Of Thrones S4E08 “The Mountain and The Viper”. If you have not seen that episode and do not wish to be spoiled, please avoid listening until you have seen the episode.

Otherwise Matt is joined by Axel (@WAxelFoley), Timm Hines (@DJTimmHines), Mike Hull (@fifthcolumnfilm), and Donald (@DonaldJr) to give their initial reactions to the aforementioned episode.

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6 thoughts on “Podcast Winterfell 169: S4E08 Initial Reaction

  1. 3 words
    Ellaria is Single (Obviously)
    Tongue and Fingers (Grey Worm and Missandei)
    Kung Fu Essos (Jorah Mormont)

    1. I will admit that Donald sometimes vocalizes more negative than positive, but doesn’t every podcast need a little grumpy in it? If we’re all gushing, then we’re not representing the entire spectrum of opinion. While sometimes I disagree with his view points, I also most often find them valid. Sorry if it’s a turn off for you, but not sorry to let Donald share his opinions on the cast. Thanks for your post.

  2. I really liked the scene between Jon, Sam, Pyp, Dolorous Edd, and Gren because it was the first time since season one that we’ve seen all those characters together. It was a nice brief moment of peace before what’s probably going to be a crazy battle next week.

    1. That was a positive. I just kind of wish it wouldn’t have been all about Sam and Gilley. If they were doing something to prepare for the battle we all see coming, I think the dialogue of the scene would have been better received by most of us on the IR. Thanks for your thoughts.

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