Podcast Winterfell 173: S4E10 Initial Reaction

Spoiler alert. This podcast covers Game Of Thrones S4E10 “The Children”. If you do not wish to be spoiled about this episode, listen after you have watched.

Otherwise Matt is joined by DJ Timm Hines (@DJTimmHines), Donald (@DonaldJr), Mike Hull (@fifthcolumnfilm), and Axel Foley (@WAxelFoley) to discuss the aforementioned episode.

Also Donald and Matt have a book reader (BR) only conversation after the end music.

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6 thoughts on “Podcast Winterfell 173: S4E10 Initial Reaction

  1. Seven blessings to matt, dj timm, donald, axel and others thru this season. Podcast winterfell has been amazing for myself to find others that are die hard fans and have intelligent/interesting thoughts toward this phenomenonal tv series. I work 2 jobs mon-fri and listen to your material every week. I truly cannot wait till next year already. Thank you to donald for speaking about axel and matt helping him to realize his potential.. it has inspired me and I would love to join your fan call in show next year..and maybe if I prove myself the intial reaction. I am sort of a hybrid fan as to I watch a season then read the book so I think i may be able to bring something to the table. Thank you for the warning about reading book 3 because of spoilers for season 5 of the tv show. I have just started book 3 a couple chapters in so I need to decide what experience I would like. Sorry for the length of this but I got home and wanted to say great jobs guys!!! khaniamatt@yahoo.com

    1. Thanks for listening Matt. You are of course welcome to call into the fan call in show (anyone can! That’s the point). As far as the panel shows, scheduling often dictates who can be on. This year we recorded at midnight eastern time on Monday’s (Sunday nights) to accommodate Axel’s schedule. – Matt

  2. Can we get a moment of silence for the Hot Pie bread that never got to Arya

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