PW235B: Initial Reaction S5E02 Pt 2

Spoiler alert. If you are not current with Game of Thrones on HBO then catch up and come back after you have, unless you don’t mind being spoiled by discussion about events in S5E02 “The House of Black and White”.

Otherwise, Axel (@WAxelFoley on twitter) fills in as host and is joined by Timm (@DJTimmHines), Donald (@donaldjr), and Mike (@fifthcolumnfilms) to discuss initial reactions to the aforementioned episode.

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2 thoughts on “PW235B: Initial Reaction S5E02 Pt 2

    1. I had thought so myself, but thanks for your comment. There definitely was a set extention for the house of black and white in Bravos, but the gardens and palace used to film Dorne stuff I believe was featured in that Day in the Life documentary a few months ago and some of those shots of production crew looked exactly like the locale that we saw in the finished product to me as well. I’ll make sure to include your comment in the feedback section of the Thursday cast so that we can set the record straight. Thanks for submitting!

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