PW236: S5E02 Fan Call-In Show

Spoiler Alert! This episode discusses events in S5E02 “The House of Black and White” of HBO’s Game of Thrones. If you’re not caught up, we’ll be waiting for you right here once you are.

Otherwise this is the Fan Call-In show which features fans of Game Of Thrones, calling in from all over Westeros and Essos, to share their viewpoints of the previously mentioned episode. Also your 3 words descriptions, Brothelmates of the Week, feedback, and Matt’s musical analysis section Clef Notes!
Plus this week a SPECIAL BR only section (it WILL spoil TV show and through ADWD aspects of the books) after the end music.

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2 thoughts on “PW236: S5E02 Fan Call-In Show

  1. Servus and greetings from Germany!
    I have one point to make about your opinion on the way, Cerseis actions are related to the prophecy. In an earlier podcast you mentioned, that it isn’t fitting to her charakter at all to believe in stuff like magic. Lannisters believe in their own power, in the power of coins and words an for sure not in magic. Thats the reason why Cersei did not think about her children when Ned offered her the chance to run: She had a plan, she believed in herselfe and as we saw, her plan did work(more or less well).
    But the situation we are in now is totally different: Everything went more or less the way, Cersei as a Lannister wanted it to, until Joff died. She never saw that coming(as you can see in her pretty face in Episode 32) and up to this point she never thought about that their children could have been in danger. When Ned offered her to run, Robert was hunting and Cersei already had planed his death – she was sure, that she was the best player in the game.
    The moment of Joffs deaths is a shock. Cersei didn’t see anything like that coming and she wasn’t able to realize before, that her children were in real danger. Seeing the first dead body, just crowned ‘moments’ before is just bringing back this nightmare of a prophecy. Now, the crown is on the head of her second child and she has a real reason to fear this prophecy.

    Of course, you can look at it from other points and I won’t say that Cersei doesn’t love her power – but still, I guess that she has her reasons to fear the prophecy more than anytime before.

    Besides all of that, I want to thank for this great podcast! Even if my english is far from perfect, I enjoy every episode, especially the Tandem-Read was a great motivation to read the last two books and it was very interesting to hear all these different speculations. GoT/Soiaf is just a perfect story to discuss about and your podcast is a perfect chance to do it.

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