PW240: S5E04 2nd Look

Spoiler alert. This podcast discusses Game of Thrones S5E04 “The Sons of the Harpy”. If you haven’t seen that episode, then catch up and come back and listen, unless you don’t mean being spoiled about events in the episode.

Otherwise Matt talks up the episode, gives you a Clef Notes, apologizes for being unavailable for a Fan Call-In this week, and takes your 3 words, Brothelmates, and feedback.

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2 thoughts on “PW240: S5E04 2nd Look

  1. When it comes to Rhaegar I don’t think the story of him going around singing and giving money away precludes him from also raping Lyanna. Rapists don’t always run around screaming that they’re rapists at the top of their lungs. You can’t just look at someone and know they are or aren’t a rapist. It’s very easy for me to see Rhaegar as someone who would do fun things like sing on the streets but still have a secret dark side that became obsessed with having Lyanna which led him to kidnap and rape her. She could have been flattered by the attention but it also doesn’t mean she and Rhaegar were going to run off together.

    Littlefinger’s view is just as tainted as Robert’s and Barristan. Littlefinger has resented the Stark men and Robert for years. Of course he’d see it as Lyanna dragging them all into a war because she wants to run off with her lover. Robert was in love with her until the day he died, so of course he would see it as someone stole his woman. The only ones who know the truth about what happened with them are Lyanna and Rhaegar.

    I also don’t see Margery as evil for what she’s doing with Tommen. She has a goal. She wants to be queen. She wants the power just like almost everyone else in this show. He is being manipulated by her but compared to have other people have been treated and stepped on in order to gain power, the kid’s being treated pretty great. At least by Margery. Cersei unfortunately is undermining his power and ruining his standing by letting the Sparrows have so much power.

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