PW240: S5E04 2nd Look

Spoiler alert. This podcast discusses Game of Thrones S5E04 “The Sons of the Harpy”. If you haven’t seen that episode, then catch up and come back and listen, unless you don’t mean being spoiled about events in the episode.

Otherwise Matt talks up the episode, gives you a Clef Notes, apologizes for being unavailable for a Fan Call-In this week, and takes your 3 words, Brothelmates, and feedback.

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PW239: Initial Reaction S5E04

Spoiler alert. If you are not current with Game of Thrones on HBO then catch up and come back after you have, unless you don’t mind being spoiled by discussion about events in S5E04 “The Sons of the Harpy”.

Otherwise, Axel (@WAxelFoley on twitter) fills in as host and is joined by Timm (@DJTimmHines), Donald (@donaldjr), and Mike (@fifthcolumnfilms) to discuss initial reactions to the aforementioned episode.

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