Podcast Winterfell 159: S4E03 “Breaker of Chains” Initial Reaction

Spoiler Alert. This episode covers events in HBO’s Game Of Thrones S4E03 “Breaker of Chains”. If you have not seen that episode and do not wish to be spoiled, please avoid listening until you have seen the episode.

Otherwise Matt is joined by TVTalk.com’s Axel Foley (@WAxelFoley) and bn4ia.com’s DJ Timm Hines (@DJTimmHines) to give their initial reactions to the aforementioned episode.

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One thought on “Podcast Winterfell 159: S4E03 “Breaker of Chains” Initial Reaction

  1. My thoughts on last night’s episode of Game of Thrones season 4 ep 3:
    Good opening scene w/ Sansa. Just how I pictured it. Interesting how neither Sansa nor Littlefinger mentioned Tyrion. Even though they didn’t say Amethyst I’m still happy they used the term “the strangler” They actually handled the aftermath of Joff’s death really well maybe even better than the book. Marg. was def in on it. It’s noteworthy that her grandmother never mentioned Littlefinger or the ramifications the murder had on Tyrion.
    Varys: oddly absent. Bronn: I can’t help but wonder if he is part of an upcoming plot w/ Shae. In the book Cersei didn’t resist Jaime nearly as much; I guess they are trying to appeal to the female audience, but Cersei is supposed to be a horrible person, and Jaime is still a sleaze at best, weak to his own indulgences.

    So now HBO has officially ruined Oberyn, despite that his scene w/ Tywin was an added bonus. I love that they addressed how much he knows about poison and that he could have been but most likely was not the culprit. Side note: Charles Dance is a superb actor.

    More Stannis? why? nothing’s happening. No Mel this time? So we learn that the reason he hasn’t gone to the wall yet is due to him not having enough ships. Interesting that they mentioned Braavos and the golden Company…where is this going?

    Wildlings ! “the Thenns” are legit badass.

    Dany: this new Daario fails to impress me. Would have been the perfect opportunity to introduce Strong Belwas!

    Arya: The hound’s burn marks or lack there of in this season is really bothering me.
    I wish her story would move forward. I’m betting the hound will be murdered.

    Fairly good episode, but not dragon level good. I give it a 6/10

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