Podcast Winterfell 161: S4E04 “Oathkeeper” Initial Reaction

Spoiler Alert. This episode covers events in HBO’s Game Of Thrones S4E04 “Oathbreaker”. If you have not seen that episode and do not wish to be spoiled, please avoid listening until you have seen the episode.

Otherwise Matt is joined by Axel (@WAxelFoley) and Donald (@DonaldJr) to give their initial reactions to the aforementioned episode.

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7 thoughts on “Podcast Winterfell 161: S4E04 “Oathkeeper” Initial Reaction

  1. More than just a little disappointed at the stance on the rape/not rape discussion. Dismissing it as maybe it’s a small vocal minority who’ve decided that it was rape and therefore it doesn’t matter honestly bothered me. I’ll just ffwd the discussion the next time the subject comes up because I don’t want to drop this podcast.

    1. Understood. Here is my take after consideration. Rape is part of this show – period. It’s part of this world. I honestly didn’t see a single tweet that commented on the multiple rapes happening at Craster’s, and on that point I TOTALLY agree with Donald – if you’re going to show concern for Jamie/Cersei then you have to have show equal concern for Craster Wife #3. However, I did NOT agree with Donald’s take about it affecting a ‘small vocal minority’ and in response said “and they all tweet to me” to subtly tell him that I think he was wrong. He obviously didn’t get that. My opinion is much more about how the show handled it to communicate to the TV audience as to how they were supposed to interpret it. And I actually feel this week’s episode further muddied those waters. The show, at least to me now, was looking for a WTF moment – which in my opinion – it didn’t need. Especially when you look at the last 10 minutes of this week’s episode. I appreciate you voicing your opinion – I also have to allow Donald or anyone else to voice theirs. And I think I made myself perfectly clear where I stand on it in last week’s podcasts and here. The decision is yours from here. – Matt

  2. Long time listener, first time poster. You guys put on an awesome show. I appreciate the consistency of your podcasts and am stoked that I continued to subscribe after this past January.

    As a book reader, I really appreciate what the show runners have done to keep me on my toes.The show runners have the ability to show conversations, events, ect. that may have occurred in the timeline, however do not appear in the books because choice point of view characters do not witness them. This is not an excuse not to read the books, Donald Snow.

    This week was fantastic. From Bronn slapping Jaime with his own hand to the revelation that Craster was indeed a godly man, this episode deserves a second or third watching.

    I believe that we’re seeing an “other” for the first time(a separate sentient humanoid race thst have a language known as “skroth”), however I’m not sure if the show runners have merged them with the white walkers. There is ample speculation that we saw the Nights King as a synopsis was posted on the HBO website using that name, but was promptly deleted.

    Keep up the great work guys.

    PS. Would not be surprised if Ygritte finds her match in the new boy recruit on the wall(the self proclaimed best archer among them who had his parent shot by Ygritte..) Injustice with justice..

  3. I agree with Donald on the rape situation. It is a part of this world as much as murder is. That doesn’t mean any viewer condones it but if you’re going to accept the other violent aspects of this world, then it seems hypocritical to focus on this one scene. My issue with it was on the director’s comment about it being consensual. Another great podcast Matt that helped me get a lot more out of the episode.

    1. And yes – Donald is right about both it being part of the world and the fact that there didn’t seem to be near as much reaction to the rape(s) at Crasters. I disagree with Donald about it being a small vocal minority though. Entertainment Weekly doesn’t ask George RR Martin about the scene on behalf of a ‘small vocal minority’. What I disliked most was the ambiguity with which this week’s Jamie/Cersei scene was treated. I feel it further confused some viewers. I received just about equal amounts of tweets on Sunday saying “ok…so it was rape then” or “apparently Graves and Waldau was right – must not have been meant to be rape”. And that is also my biggest frustration. With the fantastic reveal that we got at the end of Oathkeeper – why do something like this in such a fashion that seems to cause such confusion? Either way I think Axel had the best point, and that was that, for whatever reason, Breaker of Chains did bring the issue to the forefront for the media to put out there for us to have a discussion about it.

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