Rate S4E04 “Oathkeeper”

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4 thoughts on “Rate S4E04 “Oathkeeper”

  1. I noticed the influence of Michelle Mclaren. Breaking bad style view of the baby from under and though the ice table. I liked the episode a lot, but am fearful now of it spoiling future books. Oh well, I could stop watching……but that’s not happening.

  2. I believe that the crannogmen will play a part in the war with the others. Jojen Reed goes into full warg mode when Craster’s wives give up the baby to the Gods. You then see the view point from the baby. Perhaps that is where Jojen is. He could shed light one the world of the Others. The crannogmen are a mysterious lot. They are supposed to have powers that are ancient, so are the Others.

    1. Interesting point Oscar. I think that someone in the IR to S4E04 may have a made a comment as to whether Jojen was ‘in sync’ with the Others at that moment as well. Time will tell. – Matt

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